Who are we to talk to you about
starting a purpose-driven business?

Well, we were in your shoes. Just a couple of years ago actually. Riding the corporate ladder. Starting the week with “Oh Fuck, it’s Monday”. Powerpointing ourselves to death. Living for the weekends.

We spent 2 decades in business across Marketing, Business Strategy, E-com & Sales.

And to be honest, we did well. We headed up teams and managed up to $2,000,000,000 businesses within the likes of adidas and Wayfair. 

But regardless of how “successful” we were in the office, that’s just not what we wanted from life. And it’s the same for you, right?

Frankly, we just wanted to have more time for each other and our daughter. We wanted a second child but couldn’t get pregnant for almost 2 years because of burnout and anxiety. Almost every vacation and Xmas break we would get sick. 

Fuck, we just couldn’t take any more of that meaningless shit we were doing at work. So we quit. And spend all our savings on a coaching study.

We started our business in 2020. In the middle of a global pandemic, with 2 kids at home and no support

In 1,5 years we grew this business to consistent 6K months. Without a website. No email list. And with 400 followers on Instagram. 

Yep, not “6-figures in 2 months” or whatever the wild west of the internet offers you. But with 8 months of the year spent traveling with our kids, flexible schedules and the highest amount of energy we ever had. 

We discovered a different path. And, well, it’s easier than you think to take it.

Carsten & Olga / Mettacoaching